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Practice Questions

2 trains, 100 m and 120 m long are running in the same direction with speeds of 72 km/hr and 54 km/hr. In how much time will the first train cross the second?

A. 36 sec
C. 52 sec
B. 44 sec
D. 64 sec
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A toy train crosses 210 and 122 m long tunnels in 25 and 17 sec respectively. Find the train's length.

A. 55m
C. 60m
B. 70m
D. 65m
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A man sitting in a train which is travelling at 50 km/hr observes that a goods train, travelling in the opposite direction, takes 9 sec to pass him. If the goods train is 280 m long, find its speed.

A. 62 km/hr
C. 72 km/hr
B. 68 km/hr
D. 78 km/hr
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A train moves with a speed of 126 km/hr. Convert it to m/sec.

A. 25m/s
C. 35m/s
B. 30m/s
D. 40m/s
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