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Step 1

Congratulations !!

you solved the Rubiks Cube
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  1. Firstly, keep in mind that the very centerpiece of each face of the Rubik’s cube is fixed and cannot be moved.
  2. If the centerpiece of one face is green, bring all other pieces of green colour to that particular face of the face. You will be required to do this for all four faces to faces to obtain a cross like that in the ‘STEP 1 FINAL’ picture given below.
  3. Follow the moves given below to complete this step!

The depictions of the moves given here will help you get through this difficult step.

  1. Starting with this step, try and find a corner piece on the bottom most layer that belongs on the top. If we take the example of green face that we followed in Step 1, then the choice for us in this step is any piece with green in it.

  2. Twist and move this green piece until and unless it it comes on the bottom layer immediately below its correct place in the topmost layer of the Rubik’s cube.

  3. Refer to the depictions given below and repeat the above step for all four sides.


Before moving on to this step, flip the Rubik’s cube so that the green face that is now complete at the bottom.

  1. Now, move and twist and make the top layer of the cube appear like the ‘BEFORE’ picture given below and see that an upside down ‘T’ is formed with one colour.

  2. Move that top middle piece (which is red or yellow in the picture below) to the appropriate place on the middle row. As given below, there are two ways of doing this depending on what side the ‘T’ is located when you are looking at the Rubik’s cube. So, ensure that you refer to the appropriate starting picture before you begin with this step.

If you ever get stuck in a situation where there are no useful pieces on the top layer, then perform one of the moves below in reverse.

  1. In this step, you need to form a cross with one colour on the topmost face (like that in the ‘AFTER’ picture given below).

  2. Begin with facing a side that has a blue piece (or the colour which is there on the top of your cube) in the front left position like that in the ‘BEFORE’ picture below.

  3. Next, follow the moves given below.

  4. Do rotate the cube to manipulate different sides and there are chances that you would have to repeat the steps several times in order to obtain a cross.

  1. Now that you have a cross at the top, get all the top middle pieces to be on the appropriate sides (refer to the ‘AFTER’ picture given below).

  2. For this step, keep in mind that when you have two adjacent or neighbouring sides of the cube in the accurate place, rotate your cube in a way that those two sides take the front right and back right positions and then repeat this move once again.

  3. Now, the top pieces will be in an accurate order but the cube will need to be twisted until those pieces are on their respective correct sides.

During Step 5, keep in mind that the piece on the front left will not move.

  1. Firstly, move the top corners to bring them in the accurate places. There is nothing to worry if the colours of the pieces at the corners do not match with their accurate side at this step, but make sure that one of the sides of the corner piece matches with a colour from one of the adjacent sides.

  2. Hence, in the picture given below, the front corner piece should have a blue side, a red side, a yellow side, even if those colours are not on the accurate face yet.

Trick: The trick is that the piece farthest from you does not move. The three corners in the front switch positions clockwise as depicted in the ‘AFTER’ picture below. You will probably have to repeat this step a multiple number of times.


You are now on the very final step of solving the Rubik’s Cube.

  1. In the previous step, you rotated the pieces at the corner in a way that they are now on the correct sides of the Rubik’s Cube.

  2. In this step, you will be required to rotate the front and right corners following the moves given below.

You will surely have to repeat this step several times before you finally solve the Cube.

Congratulations! You succeeded in solving the tricky Rubik’s Cube!


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