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IAS Tricky Interview Question
Difficulty Level

The interviewer: "This is your last question of the interview.
Please tell me the exact position of the center of this table where you have kept your files."
Candidate confidently puts one of his fingers at one point on the table and said, This is the central point at the table.

Interviewer: "How did you know that exactly this is the central point of this table?"

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Candidate calmly said, Sir! You are not supposed to ask any more question, as it was the last question that you had promised to ask!!

Guest Said:Posted On 2017-03-31

that was the last question

Guest Said:Posted On 2017-03-25

Excellent answer

Guest Said:Posted On 2016-09-11

He could have pointed anywhere on the table and said this is the centre of the table. Suppose, interviewer want to ask why this particular point is the centre of the table. The candidate is not compelled to answer the question, as the last question of the interview was "The exact position of the center of this table where you have kept your files".

Guest Said:Posted On 2016-07-02

The final question has been completed.so the interview completed as per interviewer.

Guest Said:Posted On 2016-06-24

That question was the last interview question so interviewer must not have to ask any further quesrions. If interviewer asked him "why so?" Then he will tell him "sir that was your last question"

Guest Said:Posted On 2016-06-05

that was the last interview question, and he answered it.

Guest Said:Posted On 2016-05-29

he might have considered it as a cube and might have pointed the principle diagonal

Guest Said:Posted On 2016-04-19

he pointed at any point on the table. that point connects to the core of the table in a straight line.