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Akbar Birbal Puzzle: Identify the Guest
Difficulty Level

One fine afternoon, a very rich man invited Birbal to lunch at his house.
Birbal, never wanting to disappoint anyone, went to that man's house and he was greeted warmly in a hall filled with people.
"€œI had no idea that there will be so many other guest present here."€ commented Birbal since he hated large gatherings.
"Dear Birbal, they are not guests. All, except one of them are work here for me." told the wealthy man with a cunning look.
The rich man then asked, "€œCan you tell which of them the guest is?"
"€œPerhaps I could,"€ responded Birbal. "€œGo on...talk to them and I would observe them as you talk, maybe tell them a joke."€ added Birbal.
The rich man recited a joke that was the worst that Birbal had ever heard. As he finished, everyone in the hall laughed hilariously.
"€œNow tell me which of them my other invitee is?"€ said the rich man as he finished telling his bad joke.
And Birbal pointed his finger at a man.
The stunned man asked, "€œHow did you identify him?"
What did Birbal say?

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"Well," said a very smart Birbal. "Employees always tend to laugh at any joke, be it good or bad, told to them by their employer. But when I observed that this man that I just pointed out was the only one not laughing at your poor joke, and looked absolutely bored, I immediately got to know that he was your other guest."
And Birbal never fails to amaze people!

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