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Loyal and Smart Birbal
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One fine morning, the emperor and Birbal were horse riding through a town and happened to pass by a patch of cabbage.
"Cabbage is so delightful. I simply love it!"€ exclaimed Akbar.
"€œThe cabbage is the king of all vegetables,"€ said Birbal.
After a few days, they were riding past the cabbage patch once again.
But unlike the last time, this time the king made a face at the patch and said, "€œCabbage is tasteless. I remember how I used to love it but now I have absolutely no taste for this vegetable."
Birbal agreed.
The emperor was astonished and asked, "€œBut didn't you say that it is the king of vegetables if I am not wrong?"
And Birbal's reply put the king in a deep thought and pleased him.
What did Birbal say?

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Loyal Birbal said, "I did say that Jahanpanah, but I am your servant and not the cabbage's."

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