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Famous Akbar Birbal Stories
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One day, Birbal went missing. He and the king had a little argument and Birbal fumed and stormed out of the kingdom swearing not to return ever.
Now Akbar was really worried and missed him. He wanted Birbal back but no one knew where he was.
Then Akbar brainstormed and came up with an idea, He promised a reward of 1000 gold coins to any person who will be able to come to the kingdom with the following condition. That person had to walk under the sun without an umbrella but he had to be in the shade at the same time.
"That'™s impossible,"€ huffed everyone.
The following day a villager came holding a string cot over his head and claimed the prize.
It was an excellent solution. On questioning that villager confessed that the solution was suggested to him by a man who's staying with him.
Who was this man?

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The emperor's trick worked wonders. That man was Birbal and he and the kind had a blissful reunion.
Only Birbal's mind could think of such brilliant ideas and solutions!

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