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Can you outwit Birbal?
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One afternoon, the emperor asked Birbal, "How many bangles does your wife wear?"
Birbal said he doesn'€™t know.
€œYou don'€™t know?€ said the king. €œYou see her hands each day while she serves you meals. Still you fail to tell the number of bangles she wears? Why is that?

€œ"Jahanpanah, Let us go to the garden", said Birbal, "€œthen I'll tell you".

Both of them went down the staircase that paved way to the garden. Then Birbal raised a question to which the emperor grinned and quickly changed the subject.
What did Birbal say?

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Birbal said, "Your Majesty, I am sure you go up and down this staircase each day. Can you tell me the number of steps that are there in it?"
Birbal, clever enough, raised a question for question and won over the emperor, as always!

Guest Said:Posted On 2017-03-29

What are the number of stairs in the staircase?