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Humorous Birbal
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One day, the emperor questioned Birbal if he knows how many blind citizens are there in their village.
Raja Birbal then requested the king to give him a few day's€™ time.
To everyone'€™s surprise, Raja Birbal was found mending shoes in a nearby market the very next day. A majority of villagers started questioning, What are you doing Birbal?
Each time he was asked this question, he would note something in his diary. This continued for a week and on the seventh day the king himself asked Birbal the same question.
But Birbal gave no answer. He reported at the palace the next day and handed over a diary to Akbar. Akbar found a long list of blind citizens in it.
The emperor was infuriated when he found that the list had his name, too. He got extremely angry and asked Birbal to explain.
But Birbal'€™s explanation calmed the king down, rather it made him laugh out loud.
What did Birbal say?

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Birbal said, Jahanpanah! Like everyone else you also saw me fixing the slippers but yet you asked me what I was doing and so I had to include your name as well.?

Guest Said:Posted On 2017-03-29

As everybody saw birbal mending his shoes yet they questioned him.