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Birbal Outthinks
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One evening, a man who had a business of manufacturing shields and spears came to the empero's palace.
"Jahanpanah, nobody in this world could make spears or shields to equal mine," the man said.
"The shields I make are so powerful that nothing can pierce them, and the spears I manufacture are so sharp that there is nothing they are unable to pierce."
Raja Birbal suddenly said, "I can prove you wrong perhaps in a span of just a second."
"That is not possible at all!" exclaimed the man with a note of victory in his voice.
However, he was proved wrong with Birbal's next statement.
What did Birbal say?

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Birbal smilingly said, "I request you to hold one of your shields up and I would pierce it with one of the spears made by you."

Guest Said:Posted On 2017-04-30

so nice