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Akbar’s Favourite Parrot Tale
Difficulty Level

One fine day, someone gifted a pretty talking parrot to Akbar. Akbar loved the parrot because it could not only talk but was smart enough to respond to all his questions. Akbar had made all possible arrangements for its care and safety and made an announcement that nobody should inform him about the parrot'€™s death.
On one unfortunate day, the parrot died. All the caretakers were extremely afraid to inform the Emperor about its death as they thought the Emperor would hang them to death. All of them went to seek Birbal'€™s help on this issue. Birbal did a little brainstorming and accepted the request to inform the Emperor himself. The very next day, Birbal went to Emperor and informed him about the parrot's death and everything got sorted.

What did the witty Birbal say?

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Birbal went to Akbar and said, "Jahanpanah, your pretty parrot..."
Akbar: "Say Birbal...What..my parrot?"
Birbal stammered again, "Your parrot has..."
The Emperor got really worried and curious and said, "Tell me Birbal, what happened to it?"
Birbal, tricky enough, stammered once again, "Your parrot..."
Akbar spoke furiously, "Tell me for the sake of Allah!"
To this, Birbal firmly replied, "Your parrot is not eating and drinking anything. He is not even saying anything, opening up his eyes or moving his wings...nor.."
Listening to this, Akbar cut him short and said, "Has my parrot died"
To this Birbal quickly replied, "I didn't say it, you said it!"
The Emperor was moved by Birbal intelligence yet again!

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