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Akbar’s Moustaches
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One day, as the sun was setting, the Emperor Akbar surprised his courtiers with a weird question.
"Assume that someone pulls my moustaches. How should he be punished?" he questioned.
All the courtiers thought for a while.
"He should be beaten!" exclaimed one of the courtiers.
"He should be hanged." said another.
"He should be crucified." whispered a third one.
"And what do you have to say, Birbal?" asked Akbar. "What would be the perfect punishment for such a person according to you?"
What did witty Birbal say?

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Birbal replied quickly, "Jahanpanah, he should be given candies."?
"Candies?" huffed everyone present there.
"Yes", said Birbal smilingly. "This is because the one who would ever dare to pull the Emperor's moustaches is his grandson."
The Moghul Emperor got so amused and impressed with the answer that he pulled off his ring and presented it to Birbal as a reward.

Guest Said:Posted On 2015-07-12

He should be given a chocolate.