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Akbar - Birbal : The Emperor’s Loyal Gardener
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One day, while walking in his garden, the Mughal Emperor tripped on a rock. He was in a foul mood already and this accident made him so annoyed and mad that he immediately ordered the gardener's execution.
The next day, before execution, the gardener was asked about his last wish and he requested an audience with Emperor Akbar. His wish was granted. As the gardener neared the throne where he was going to be hanged, he cleared his throat loudly and spat at Akbar's feet.
The Emperor fumed and demanded to know the reason why he had done such a filthy thing. He had done this on Birbal's advice and Birbal quickly stepped forward in the gardener'€™s defence and could manage to save him through his witty brains.
What did Birbal say?

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In the gardener's defence, Birbal said, "Jahanpanah, there could be no being more loyal to you than this ill-fated gardener. Afraid of what people would think about you if you hanged him for nothing, he spat on your feet to just give you a genuine reason for hanging him."
Emperor Akbar, realized that he was going to do injustice to the gardener and set him free!

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