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Do not underestimate Birbal
Difficulty Level

Once upon a time, Emperor Akbar was reciting one of his dreams to his courtiers.
It was a funny dream that started with the emperor and Birbal were on a no moon night. Since it was completely dark, they could not see each other and so they bumped into each other and fell.
I was lucky enough to fall into a pool of delicious payasam, said Akbar. €œBut guess where did the unfortunate Birbal fell?€ he added.
What, Jahanpanah? asked everyone.
Akbar:"A drain!"
And the courtiers burst out laughing. Akbar was proud that for once he could win over Birbal.
Though Birbal appeared to be calm and composed.
Jahanpanah, Birbal said as everybody had stopped laughing. €œIt is so strange that I too had the same dream but unlike you I slept through the end of the dream. As you climbed out of the pool of yummy payasam and I, out of the stinky drain, we felt miserable to find that there is no water with which we could cleanse ourselves. Guess what we did?
The emperor and the courtiers asked, What?
And Birbal turned the tables in just one statement.
What did Birbal say? Any guesses?

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Birbal: "We had no other option than to lick each other clean!"?
Akbar got embarrassed and decided never to try to score over Birbal.

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