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Amazing Birbal
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One morning, Akbar was pondering upon the truth and falsehood. After a few minutes of thinking, he asked his courtiers to differentiate between truth and falsehood in not more than three words.
All the courtiers were puzzled and thought what made the emperor give them such a task.
"You, too Birbal? I don'€™t expect "you" to keep silent. said Akbar.
Birbal quickly replied by saying, "Jahanpanah, I am keeping mum because I want to give other courtiers a chance to answer."
"No other courtier has the answer," said Akbar. "€œNow, you tell me the difference between truth and untruth in three words or less"€, he added.
What did Birbal say?

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"The answer is 'four fingers' Jahanpanah." replied Birbal.
What? Four fingers? asked the confused emperor.
Yes, four fingers is the difference between falsehood and truth. Repeated Birbal. It is simple! Anything that you see with you own eyes is the truth but anything that you have only heard is often likely to be false.
The emperor said, You are right in saying that but how the answer is four fingers ?
Jahanpanah, the width of four fingers is the distance between his ears and eyes said Birbal, with a smile.

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