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Best of Akbar Birbal Tales
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Ram and Sham both claimed to be the owner of the same mango tree.
One day, fed up of all the fights, they went to the wise Birbal to settle the matter.
Birbal, after thinking for a while, said, I have figured out only one way to resolve this dispute.
Both Ram and Sham asked, Tell us your honour.
Pluck all the mangoes on the tree and then divide the tree into two equal halves and keep equal quantities of the tree wood. said Birbal.
Ram was happy and considered it as a fair judgment. On the other hand, Sham was horrified by Birbal's judgment and said, I have nurtured this tree like my own baby for seven long years. I would rather let Ram have its ownership than watch it being cut down, your honor.
What did Birbal say?

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To this, Birbal said, Dear Sham, your care for this mango tree has told me all that I wished to know.
And Sham was declared the real owner of the mango tree.

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