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Birbal: The Smartest of All
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Most of the people around the globe including the King of Iran had heard about how wise Birbal was. The king of Iran, keen to meet Birbal, requested him to visit his country.
Birbal went to Iran and as soon as he entered the palace he was stunned to see not one but six kings seated in front of him. All similar looking, all dressed in regal robes. It was difficult to tell who the real king was.
But Birbal, the wisest of all, didn'€™t take much time to identify the real king. The very next moment, he confidently moved towards the king of Iran and bowed to him.
But how did you come to know that I am the real king?€ asked the king, perplexed.
What did Birbal say?

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All the five men seated beside you were looking at you but you looked straight ahead. No matter if they are dressed in kingly robes, the common men will still look up to their king for
support.? said the wise Birbal.
The king of Iran was thrilled and elated to hear Birbal's response and smartness, and showered him with expensive gifts.

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