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Meeting Trains Puzzle
Difficulty Level

two trains meeting problem1

At Wurzletown Junction an old lady put her head out of the window and asked:
"Guard! How long will be the journey from here to Mudville?"

Gurard replied: "All the trains take five hours either way"
Old Lady: "And how many trains shall I meet on the way?"

This absurd question tickled the guard, but he was ready with his reply:
"A train leaves Wurzletown for Mudville, and also one from Mudville to Wurzletown at five minutes past every hour. Right away!"
The old lady calculated and found the number of trains.
What is the correct number of trains?

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When the lady starts from Wurzletown,
- One train will be just arriving in Wurzletown
- Four trains will be on the way from Mudville to Wurzletown
- One train will be just starting from Mudville.

So she will meet all these 6 trains

She start the journey and Once she travels for 1 hour, the next train starts from Mudville (7th train).
Once she travels for 2 hours, the 8th train starts from Mudville.
Similarly on 3rd hour ===> 9th train starts
on 4th hour ===> 10th train starts
on 5th hour ===> 11th train starts and she reaches Mudville.

So she meets 11 trains in total during her journey (Considering the first and last trains).

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