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A Water Jug Problem
Difficulty Level

4 gallon 7 gallon puzzle

You have a 4 gallon and a 7 gallon jug of water. How can you measure exactly 6 gallons of water using these two jugs?

Note: You can take unlimited water to fill the jugs.

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Step 1: Fill up the 7 gallon jug completely.
Step 2: Now pour as much of the 7 gallons as you can into the 4 gallon jug. Now you have 3 gallons in the 7 gallon jug.
Step 3: Dump out the 4 gallon jug.
Step 4: Pour the 3 gallons from the 7 gallon jug into the 4 gallon container.
Step 5: Finally, fill up the 7 gallon jug completely and pour what you can, 1 gallon, into the 4 gallon jug until it is full.

Taking 1 gallon from seven gallons leaves 6 gallons in 7 gallon jug.

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