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Invisible Dice Puzzle
Difficulty Level

I have 2 dice. One regular die and an invisible die. Numbers 1 to 6 are written on the regular die. But you don't know what's written on the invisible dice.

After tossing both, I speak the sum of outcome of both die. It so happens that the outcome is always an interger between 1 to 12, with equal probability (1/12 each).
Can you guess what are the numbers printed on special invisible dice?

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Numbers written on the invisible die are: 0,0,0,6,6,6
On tossing invisible die the probability of getting 0 is 1/2 and probability of getting 6 is 1/2

Hence the sum on tossing regular and invisible dice will be a number between 1,2,3.. to 12 with probability of 1/12 each.

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