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3 Baskets and 4 Balls Probability Puzzle
Difficulty Level

You have 3 baskets and each basket contains exactly 4 balls which are randomly distributed, each balls is of the same size.
Each ball is either red, black, yellow, or orange, and there is one of each color in each basket.

If you were blindfolded and then took 1 ball from each basket, what chance is there that you would have exactly 2 red balls?

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Total Possible Outcomes: Box1(4 ways) x Box2(4 ways) x Box3(4 ways) = 64 total outcomes
Out of this 64 total outcomes there are 9 favourable outcomes where exactly 2 of the balls will be red.

R R X = 3 chances (R R B, R R Y, R R O)
R X R = 3 chances (R B R, R Y R, R O R)
X R R = 3 chances (B R R, Y R R, O R R)

Probablility =9/64 = 14.06 %

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