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Probability Puzzle: Spiderman's Girlfriends
Difficulty Level

spiderman puzzle

Spiderman has two girlfriends, Mary Jane & Gwen Stacy. After completing every mission, he rushes to the central subway. Since spidey is a nice man, much impartial, he takes which-ever train arrives first. From subway, one series go towards Mary's place, and another series move towards Stacy. Trains from either series appear every 10 minutes. Also, Peter Parker sticks with the train which arrives first.
But somehow, he notices that he is spending 9 times more dates with Mary Jane than Stacy. Can you explain why?

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Train to Mary Jane's place comes at say times 0 and 10, while the train to Stacy's place comes at times 1 and 11. So 9/10 times, he gets the train to Mary Jane's place.

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