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Age Puzzle: One Grand Father, One Father and One Grand Son
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One Grand Father, One Father and One Grand Son. Sum of their age is 140 Years. Grand Son's age in month is equal to Grand Father's age in years. Grand Son's age in days is equal to Father's age in weeks.

What is the Age of all three?

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From the question we can simplify as

1. Sum of the age of all three is 140
2. Grandfather age is 12 times of Grandson
3. Father age is 7 times of Grandson

Now let assume grandfather age is x, fathers is y and grandson is z.Then we have following equations
x + y + z = 140
x =12z
y = 7z

Which gives 12z + 7z + z = 140
z = 7

So Age of Grandfather is 84
Age of Fathers is 49
Age Grandson is 7

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