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Deductive Reasoning Puzzle
Difficulty Level

deductive reasoning riddle

You and your 4 best friends have just graduated from university and celebrate by going out for drinks. You head to the local cocktail bar, famous for the following 9 cocktails: Aviation, Bronx, Caipirinha, Grasshopper, Hurricane, Kamikaze, Manhattan, Negroni, and Vesper.

In the spirit of your celebration, the bartender tells you that if you can identify all 9 cocktails after the third round of drinks (one drink each per round), he won't charge you for the cocktails. The group then proceeds to order 5 drinks per round for 3 rounds. Although none of you know anything about cocktails, with clever ordering and deductive reasoning you find a way to do it. How?

This is not a trick question. The bartender doesn't tell you which drink is which when he brings them and there are no pictures of the drinks, etc.

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ROUND ONE: Order Aviation, Bronx, Caipirinha, Grasshopper, Grasshopper.
You can now identify the Grasshopper (ordered twice in this round).

ROUND TWO: Order Aviation, Hurricane, Kamikaze, Manhattan, Manhattan.
You can now identify the
Manhattan (ordered twice this round) and
Aviation (only drink ordered in the first and second round)

ROUND THREE: Order Bronx, Hurricane, Negroni, Vesper, Vesper.
You can now identify the
Vesper (ordered twice this round),
Bronx (order drink ordered in the first and third round),
Hurricane (only drink ordered in the second and third round),
Caipirinha (only unidentified drink from the first round),
Kamikaze (only unidentified drink from the second round), and
Negroni (only unidentified drink from the third round).

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