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The Wet Sponge Puzzle
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You have a wet sponge that weighs 200 grams which is 99% water by weight. If you squeeze some of the water out of the sponge such that it is now only 98% water by weight, what would the wet sponge now weigh?

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Its given 99% of the total weight is water, So the sponge weight is only 1%.
Wet sponge weighs 200 grams and when the sponge is completely dry the weight will be 1% of 200 grams = 2 grams.

After squeezing some of the water out, 98% of the total weight is water and 2% is sponge itself.
Let x represent the total weight of the sponge, then: dry sponge weight = 2% of x = (2/100) x = 2 grams.
Therefore x = 100 grams.

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