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Look and Say Sequence: 0,10,1110,3110,132110,1113122110..?
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What is the next number in this look and say sequence:

0, 10, 1110, 3110, 132110, 1113122110, 311311222110,?

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0, 10, 1110, 3110, 132110, 1113122110, 311311222110,is a look and say sequence
In this sequence the next member is generated from the previous member by reading the�?�  member, counting the number of digits in groups of the same digit.

0--->(one zero)
10--->(one one, one zero)
1110--->(three one, one zero)
3110--->(one three, two one, one zero)
132110--->(one one, one three, one two,two one, one zero)
1113122110--->(three one, one three, one one,two two,two one,one zero)
311311222110--->(one three, two one, one three, two one, three two, two one, one zero) --->13211321322110

So the next number of this look and say series is 13211321322110

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