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Sherlock Holmes Mystery Puzzle: Morrison’s Next Target
Difficulty Level

Over a period of one month, a large number of prominent personalities had been abducted by the evil Professor Morrison for ransom.
Holmes set out to find out who his next victim is but wondered where to start from. Just then, a coded message was delivered at 221 B Baker Street. It was from none other than€“ Professor Morrison.

The coded message read: 603 60432 will be next. And in a fraction of a second, Holmes was able to identify Morrison's next target.
Can you identify Morrison's next target?

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The next target is "Joe Jones"
The mirror image of the code reads Joe Jones.

Guest Said:Posted On 2017-05-29


Guest Said:Posted On 2017-03-21

I don get it why Joe?

Guest Said:Posted On 2015-12-12

sherlock neighbor who lives in house 603 on b baker street