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Holmes Puzzle: Members in Each Group
Difficulty Level

In order to solve a case, Holmes was forced to work in disguise of a travelling man and found himself living with a group of nomads. One day, while he spent time with them, he was able to note the following few things:
1. 10% of the group comprised of young girls
2. 22% were young boys
3. 14% were old men
4. 10% of the total group members were old women
5. Out of the remaining 22 nomads, 50% were men.
Can you tell the total number of members in the group and the number of males?

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Answer: There were a total of fifty nomads in the group out of which 29 were male.

Assume that the total number of nomads in the group is x
According to the question, 10% of x=young girls
10% of x= old women
22% of x= young boys
14% of x= old men

Therefore, 0.1x+0.1x+0.22x+0.14x=x-22
x = 50

Guest Said:Posted On 2016-06-17