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Sherlock Holmes Riddle: Getting Out of Dry Wishing Well
Difficulty Level

Holmes and Jane were working on a case when Jane accidentally fell down a 30 feet deep dry well.

Holmes quickly lowered him down a rope. "€˜Will you be able to climb up with the help of this?€™ Sherlock shouted and the voice echoed."
I will be out of here before you know it!€™ exclaimed Jane.
But the climbing up the well was not a cakewalk as Jane had first imagines.
He managed to climb up 3 feet each hour but also slipped back 2 feet.
How long did it take Jane to get out of the dry wishing well?

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Answer: 28 hours
According to the question, Jane climbed 1 foot in 1 hour. So, he could climb 28 feet in 28 hours. This means he was left climbing only 2 feet now which was easy as Holmes pulled him out in a fraction of a second.

Guest Said:Posted On 2016-11-11

I get it just in 16 hours and 40 minutes

Guest Said:Posted On 2016-07-21

Y not 27 hours as after this he will have only 3 feet to climb and he reaches the top and there is no way he can slip again

Guest Said:Posted On 2016-05-29


Guest Said:Posted On 2016-04-25

28 hours

Guest Said:Posted On 2016-04-22

30 hrs