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Sherlock Holmes Mystery Puzzle: Spot the Killer
Difficulty Level

Annie Nodes was found dead in one of the bedrooms by her servant, Wilfred.
Wilfred tells the story to the detective Sherlock Holmes: As soon as I finished the work I noticed that her study light was on and so I decided to peek in to check if she was in there. There was frost all over the window and so I wiped it away to see inside. That is when I saw her body and I immediately kicked open the front door. I called the police immediately afterwards.
After listening to the entire story, Sherlock Holmes could immediately discover that the killer was the servant. Guess How?

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Frost forms on the inside of the window and not the outside. So Wilfred must not have wiped it off to discover Annie's body. This clue was enough for witty Holmes to ascertain that something was fishy and he identified the killer right away.

Guest Said:Posted On 2017-01-23

Frost does form on the outside of windows. (When you scrape your car windows in winter, where is the frost?)