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Sherlock Holmes Riddle
Difficulty Level

Sherlock Holmes was passing through the central market when he noticed a large number of people gathered circling a man's dead body.
He carefully examined the body and found a wallet in which was his driving license. His name was Jim and Sherlock immediately dialed his residence number.
His wife took the call and Sherlock informed that her husband is no more.
"No way!"€™ said his wife.
€˜Please come here as soon as possible and confirm, said Sherlock.
Wife said OK and hung up.
After a few minutes the deceased's wife arrived and started crying as soon as she saw the body.
Sherlock declared the deceased'€™s wife the murderer and asked the police officer to arrest her.
Why did Sherlock do so?

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Wife showed up without being told the location.
This served as a clue and sharp-minded Sherlock could immediately figure out that the deceased's wife was the murderer

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