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Guess Sherlock Holme’s Birthday
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Sherlock Holmes Puzzles

On the first day of the month of January, detective Holmes and Dr. Jane were getting some rest by the fireplace at 221B Baker Street.
While Jane was reading the Times, Holmes was puffing on his pipe.
Jane suddenly put up a question to Holmes, What is your birth date?
To this, Sherlock Holmes said, You make a guess, Jane.
I have no idea, replied Jane.
€œI was "Forty" two days ago and next year I will turn forty three!
€œThat is impossible! said Jane.
But as always, Holmes was right.
Can you tell what day of the year Sherlock Holmes celebrates his birthday?

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The answer is 31st December.
The question was asked on 1st of January. Two days back, i.e. on 30th December of previous year, Homes was Forty. He turned Forty One on 31st of December. This year, he will turn Forty Two and on the 31st of December next year, Holmes will be Forty Three.

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